Bob Felten is ... four acts in one. The audience howls with laughter at his original spoofs and political satires - written in a variety of styles from blues-rock to swing. His biting but clever lyrics make people think while they're laughing.

Young and older alike love Bob's electric jazz guitar instrumentals featuring the well-known melodies of Duke Ellington, John Coltraine, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Bob's jazz originals.

On acoustic guitar, Bob seamlessly combines classical music, ragtime and rock into amazing original instrumental compositions.

Finally, the audience is treated to a variety of familiar hit tunes by such artists as The Grateful Dead, Neil Young and The Beatles.

On many of his performances, Bob Felten uses CD backing tracks with piano, bass and drums - which he generates at his home recording studio. Combined with live guitar and vocals, the sound is a full band.

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